Our persistence is proof that we have not been defeated.

This is very important. Matatu drivers and conductors and other workers in the sector need better working conditions. If the private sector cannot provide these conditions then the public sector needs to take a stronger role. This will be key for improving quality of service and reducing accidents besides giving these important workers a way to raise their families and live in dignity.


Working in the public sector for the number of years that I have served in the Matatu industry has taught me very hard life’s lessons that I’m sure would have earn me a certificate in an institute of learning. I have talked about gross violation of almost everything about our job. Extortion; detentions; long working hours; low wages; Violence and myriads of other problems faced by operators of this very important public transport industry.
Since complaining is not the only thing I do in my service to my country, I joined other like minded persons from different counties for a three days seminar sponsored by the International transport federation ITF/FNV EAST AFRICA NORTHERN CORRIDOR STRATEGIC CAMPAIGN SKILLS SUB REGION SEMINAR. It was a great experience and quite encouraging even imagining that matatu workers are recognized and qualified to enjoy benefits enjoyed by drivers all over the world.


The matatu fraternity…

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